McDevitt Park Improvements Update

One of the benefits of living in Boise is the number and quality of our parks. Mayor McLean has established a goal of having a Boise park within a 10-minute safe walk of all Boise Citizens. For many of us in the Centennial Neighborhood , McDevitt is that park.

McDevitt is one of only three parks within the boundaries of the Centennial Neighborhood Association, but it’s a nice one. The park includes:
 Norm’s Pond, a 1.2-acre fishing pond
 the 10,000 Sq. ft. McMillan skate park
 2 children’s play structures
 7 groomed and fenced ball fields complete with tall backstops, foul line markers, batting cages, covered dugouts with water fountains, bleachers, league storage sheds, a concession stand and restrooms
 parking
 a walking path around most of the perimeter
There are also a few small, old backstops with wooden benches in the unfinished area that might have once been softball fields.
However, about a quarter of the park in the NE corner is unfinished.

Charles F. McDevitt Youth Sports Complex
5101 N. Eagle Rd. Boise, ID 83713
Parcels S0529449100 (20 acres), + S0529449353 (17.96 acres) = 37.96 acres
Approx 7.59 acres is undeveloped.

This piece of the city was annexed in 1999 and by 2001 much of the park was completed. In the 2013 master plan about a quarter of the park was designated to be lacrosse fields in a partnership with a local lacrosse association. When this initiative didn’t come to fruition the park was left unfinished.

Now, the Boise Parks and Recreation Department and the Centennial Neighborhood Assn. would like to move forward and complete the park.
There is Impact Fee money in the Capital Improvement Plan available. Since the 2013 master plan is so old, a new plan will need to be developed and we have a clean slate to work with. What would the residents of Boise and the Centennial Neighborhood Assn. envision for the future of McDevitt Park? Lacrosse? A BMX jump track? More shade trees, picnic areas, complete the walking path to Eagle Rd. ? Pickle ball? A much-needed library for west Boise!

Let’s get ready. Please send your suggestions and comments to the Centennial Neighborhood Assn. at

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